Want some real engagement with your audience? Hire a full size F1 Simulator and we guarantee you'll draw a crowd.

Built to exactly the same specification as our show cars, our fleet of Formula One simulators also have state of the art simulation technology built in. As used by many Formula one teams, the professional software, steering systems and pedal boxes we use will give your guests and visitors the most realistic F1 experience possible.

Just some of the features of our cars include, fully adjustable pedal box to achieve the very best driving position, full force feedback steering systems to provide an incredibly real driving experience and a full sound pack to emulate the sound and feel of an F1 car.

We deliver your event just the way you want it. Whether you're looking for a historic F1 race with Senna or even Sterling Moss at the wheel, or the very latest F1 cars and drivers, the range of races we can deliver is the best in the market. Couple that with the choice of any Grand Prix circuit in the world and with us, you have the power to build your own unique event.

Features we provide as standard.. Full Size Simulator at Marketing Exhibition

  • Fully adjustable seating and pedal position
  • On line leader board
  • Professional race software
  • Full force feedback steering system
  • Realistic quick release F1 steering wheel
  • HD driver monitor and two spectator screens
  • Full surround sound system
  • Top Gear leader board
  • On line leader board
  • Fully trained lap coaches and event managers
  • Formula One backdrops
  • See our Specifications for more details

    Our experienced team arranges everything for you, branding, a pre-event survey, delivery, operation and breakdown of the cars at the end of the event. Just like the F1 Teams themselves practice until they get it right, so do we! Set up in under an hour, gaining access to a venue whatever the challenges, free site surveys along with recommended positions for cars at venues.

    We also want to be part of your team, so we go the extra mile. We manage the queues, capture driver contact details, entertain the crowd and make sure every guest has a great experience. Our lap coaches give confidence, direction and guidance to anyone driving, ensuring that no one leaves disappointed.

    Did you know..?

    We can simulate any race series on any international circuit in the world. Better still, we can brand the in car software, so your company logos and messages appear on the bridges and crash barriers!

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    “What a great client engagement tool! Having Grand Prix race driver on our stand at our industry exhibition attracted a lot of attention. It was a great crowd pleaser, kept us busy throughout the event. It made people come back again to see if they could reach the top spot! Preplanning before the event was cohesive and branding was in line with our guidelines, the end result of the life size car was very striking. Having the F1 simulator achieved our target of drawing people on our stand, it created an exciting atmosphere and the actual driving experience was enjoyed by all. ”

    - Divya – Bywaters -

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