This is simply one of our most important features, we provide you with a bespoke on-line system capable of capturing the details of every driver at every event.

Such is the draw to our simulators, people willingly hand over valuable contact information before driving.

Lead Generation
You will have spent many hours and pounds creating your new product launch or important exhibition stand. All this work and expenditure will have been in vain unless you attract more customers and revenue as a result of your activities. This is where we can really help you generate a return on your investment.

So how does this work? We have a significant database of people who have driven our simulators. Ahead of an event, we will contact those likely to be attending, normally by industry sector to let them know our simulators will be there, this helps engage people ahead of your event starting.

When you hire a Grand Prix Race Driver simulator, we provide you with our bespoke on-line leaderboard, branded in your company logos. We create an individual event for you and every driver registers before driving, joining the on-line leader board for your event so you can see every visitor's details in real time.

We capture this data for you:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Company name
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Industry

Once they have driven, their time is added and they take their position. Our automated system then contacts each driver by text every hour throughout your event providing them with their updated position. Wherever they are on the leaderboard, competitive behavior will drive people back to your stand giving you further opportunities to engage with them.

All in real-time, you can have full visibility, understanding exactly who has visited your event or venue, this is critical in ensuring you can follow up potential leads after your event or even contacting prospects whilst they are still on site. At the end of every event, we provide you with access to download all the contact details gathered for use with your own marketing activities.

As our database grows, we have the potential to predict how many people may visit a given event depending on their location and industry before an event starts! Data is high on everyone's agenda and we ensure you have tangible data to work with following every event, contributing to your all important return on investment.

Lead Follow Up
Lead generation is great, but what if you and your team don't have the time of facilities to qualify the data we produce and really drill down to establish those qualified leads?

Well, we can help with this. Simply bolt on our follow-up service and we will take on all the hard work and provide you with a hot list of potential customers. As we are truly independent, we have the opportunity to sort through the data and deliver a list of prospects genuinely interested in your products and services.

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“Thank you for a brilliant night, despite the rain, the F1 Simulator looked fantastic, I have received so much positive feedback, everyone absolutely loved it. Thanks again to you and your guys on the night, a truly professionally run event and a huge success, looking forward to many more. ”

- Debbie – Grosvenor Casino Group -

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